Not quite a grand slam, but I’ll take a triple play.  Three of my grandkids are playing baseball and softball for St. Leo’s.  This has nothing to do with wine, except that I like my grandkids, and I brag. Sorry.

Now that I’m done bragging about them, I can wine-brag about a wine triple play:

We’re releasing our 2020 Riesling, 2020 Cracklin’ Rosé, and 2019 Commonwealth wines.

The 2020 Riesling is the beyond a doubt the finest vintage of Riesling that I’ve ever had.  With its pronounced ripe Riesling fruit aroma, it has excellent fruit acidity balanced with a very pleasant 2% sweetness level.  The ripe Riesling fruit flavor carries over into a long, lingering finish and aftertaste.  For me,  this wine is a perfect accompaniment to poached flounder, (however, my grandson Sam prefers his salmon very much over flounder).  Light chicken dishes flavored with cream sauces made with fresh herbs such as basil and tarragon are very nice with this fruity Riesling.  (Very nice with cheeses such as fontina, muenster, and soft goat cheeses.)

2019 Commonwealth is a slightly softer style of our special red blend, this year made from 45% Cabernet Franc, 45% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.  The grapes are separately fermented and pressed, then the wines are blended together after tasting, prior to blending for barrel aging as the final cuveé. The bouquet is showing well after its long, slow maturation in French oak barrels showing aromas of good, ripe fruit.  The acidity balance will allow it to age up to a maximum of about two to three years in a bottle.  The flavor shows a very nice balance from the French oak barrels with the typical grape varieties in the blend coming through.  The tannins are soft and moderate, and will balance well with red meat dishes such as braised or roasted beef, lamb, and venison.  Pasta dishes without too much tartly acidic red sauces, or sauces based with mushrooms will balance very well with this wine.  If it seems like I’m getting verbose, my grandson Ollie will agree and says “grump-paw” has a tendency to be too wordy and rambles on:  He’s right.  Taste the Commonwealth anyway and enjoy it, despite what I say, and tell my grandkids to just ignore me.

2020 Cracklin’ Rosé.  My grand-daughter Cecelia doesn’t drink wine (she’s 10 years old).  However, she DOES love her mac and cheese.  And if you insist on eating mac and cheese, then at least drink our Cracklin’ Rose with it: this is a nice vinifera blend with great fruitiness, with no grape variety predominating and with very good balancing acidity and sweetness.  (Make sure there’s lobster and Old Bay in the mac and cheese.)  Sorry, Cecelia: check back with me in 11 years and we can discuss “my mac and cheese errors” preferences in more detail.  Apart from that, this is a really nice summer picnic / alfresco wine where you’d like a bit of sweetness.  Try this with prosciutto or ham wrapped around ripe cantaloupe or watermelon with a tiny sprig of sage.

We’ve begun the 2021 harvest with Brown’s strawberries in house.  These are smaller berries this year which will deliver a more intense flavor and aroma to the wine.  It’s looking and tasting nicely!

Come see us soon at both of our locations for wine tastings at Brown’s Farm Market in Loganville and Saubel’s Market in Shrewsbury.

Relax: I have only two more sets of grandchildren about which to tell you.

To your health!

Steve Bahn