The grape harvest has ended…finally!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Sometimes winemaking is as slow as government processes. Let me restate that: sometimes winemaking is two to three times faster than government processes.

Grape harvest has finally ended, as of November 10, the latest harvest I’ve ever seen since 1981. We were three weeks late in grape processing, with four weeks’ worth of work jammed into three weeks. (9 tons in one week when we usually process 3 tons per week).

Quality has been very good this year, with some old vines producing some extremely good quality fruit with lots of aromatic compounds and plenty of flavor. Quantity was down slightly, perhaps 10% to 20%, and sugars slightly less (21% as opposed to 22%), but the dry, clear, and consistent late ripening weather gave us some very good ripening days with flavor and aroma development in the grapes.

The final juice to reach the fermenter was Riesling, as of November 10, and it’s just now finishing its fermentation. The fruit wines are progressing very well in stainless steel tanks (yes, we will have Bing Cherry and Strawberry wines again), the reds have been pressed, assembled and are now in oak barrels, and whites and rosés are undergoing initial clarification.

In all 2017 appears to be a very nice vintage.

So, enjoy a glass of Logan’s View wine in good health!

Steve Bahn