Chardonnay-SOLD OUT

Finished in stainless tanks, this crisp wine has balanced acidity with a smooth finish.

0% Sweetness


Vidal Blanc

Vidal Blanc-SOLD OUT

This versatile wine reflects a light, fruity flavor, pairing well with a wide variety of foods.
1% Sweetness


Traminette - SOLD OUT

This German style wine exhibits a fruit forward taste and a unique Gewurztraminer –like flavor.

1.5% Sweetness


Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris-SOLD OUT

A medium bodied wine with a mix of fruity melon, citrusy flavors and mineral aromas.

2% Sweetness



Riesling-SOLD OUT

This crisp, light, fruity wine is bursting with aroma and hints of apple, peaches, and melons.

2% Sweetness



Vignoles SOLD OUT

This clean, crisp, full-bodied wine has underlying tropical fruit tones with a green apple finish.

4% Sweetness


Sweet Caroline

Sweet Caroline SOLD OUT

A sweet, aromatic Niagara that tastes like a handful of fresh picked grapes.

6% Sweetness